Our Certifications



100% of our materials

are tested in certified laboratories

Since the beginning, Oxbow has tested 100% of its materials in certified laboratories, in compliance with the EU REACH regulation. Our materials are only approved after undergoing a series of physical and chemical tests (dimensional stability, pilling tests, chemical compounds, heavy metals, etc.)

Oxbow also commits to have 100% of its textile materials certified OEKO-TEX Standard 100, as ecolabels and certifications represent an exemplary pledge of quality and customer protection.


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The European REACH regulation aims to make the production and use of chemical substances in industry safe. It seeks to register, evaluate and control chemical substances made, imported and put on the market.

All our products comply with this regulation.

2022-06-28 Oxbow – Restricted Substances

2023-03-09 Oxbow – Reach Substances

100% of our products

are in compliance with REACH



The goal of this initiative is to improve social performance in global supply chains. The association has established a code of conduct comprising 13 principles ranging from equitable remuneration to prevention of child labour, all while maintaining a step-by-step approach allowing companies to commit and take responsibility. As a member of the association, we pledge to rigorously follow the AMFORI code of conduct and have our partners do the same.

We work hand-in-hand with our suppliers in order to continuously improve working conditions as well as ensure the safety of their employees.


In the interests of complete transparency, we are working on identifying Tier 2 and Tier 3 suppliers in order to have a complete overview of our supply chain.

We put in place regular social and environmental audits at our suppliers in order to improve practices. We also work with and support them in their action and improvement plans. We have our own offices in Asia staffed with experts in quality and auditing.

« Our goal: Implementing an ethical supply chain with 100% of our suppliers approved under the AMFORI BSCI framework »


Goal :

B-Corp certification

Implementing our Corporate Social Responsibility action plan has necessitated a total restructuring of our strategy for several years now. We have called upon the ISO 26000 benchmark in order to restructure our approach and to act within a legal framework.

Our next step is therefore B-Corp certification.

B-corp certification is granted to companies that care about meeting societal, environmental, governance and public transparency requirements, and state these as core missions.

Our CSR team is committed to supporting the brand in its B-Corp aspirations.