Ride & Surf.

Oxbow is a french brand of « action sports ». Surf, wind, kite, snowboard, ski have been running through our veins since 1985, which is why we develop products for those who love to spend time in mountains or in the water, during summer and winter. Our playgrounds are as big as they are fragile, we are doing our best to protect them and keep on having phun ! We love to ride so much that we chose to organize our life around riding, to enjoy every good sessions with family or/and friends.

With us, the « Oxbow people », they represent the brand and we share the same passions and values. Adventure, fun and respect are the top priority and are the DNA of our products and projects launched by Oxbow.

Our goal is to allow the passionates to ride in the best conditions whatever the place or the time. Oxbow will always be a support of the European « progressive outdoor » scene to feed this energy born 35 years ago !

Stay alive.


Debruères / CEO

« We want
to reconnect OXBOW
with the world of outdoor
and board sports,
, two areas essential
since its creation
in 1985.
Our ambassadors
are above all
all passionate athletes themselves. »


« Oxbow : French, Phun & Family »

Beyond the family, the community is an integral part of its DNA.

Sensitive to the great outdoors and the quality of the environment in which they live, consumers and ambassadors are driven by escape, travel, accessible adventure and discovery.

Among friends, as a couple or a family, the adventures are lived with intensity, respect, honesty and trust, just like the relationships the French brand maintains with its customers, suppliers, employees and business partners.


« Stay Alive »

is more than a brand signature.
It is a manifesto of the pleasure of gliding in all seasons, of the notion of freedom dear to its athletes who have become ambassadors, of the emotion provided by each outing in the wilderness, of the community spirit, of the passions shared by one and the same family or a group of friends.

2021 : Get outdoors

"In the water or in the mountains, OXBOW explores all playgrounds"
OXBOW is a major player in the sports scene. Be it in the water, in the mountains, in summer or winter, good times and great activities are rarely experienced alone.
The values of sharing and the pleasure are at the heart of OXBOW's approach.

Surfing, snowboarding, hiking, climbing, the OXBOW consumer chooses not to choose.
They prefer a cross-disciplinary approach and the diversity of playgrounds.

Combining a passion for the great outdoors with modern light materials, OXBOW invents the notion of Progressive outdoor, the new generation outdoor focused on action, style, function and comfort, the cornerstones of every collection.
“The Progressive outdoor”