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  1. Surf booties WILLI 3mm - Noir

    Surf booties

    As low as €45.00
  2. Lycra JISKO - Pink Frida Lycra JISKO - White Lycra JISKO - Maya Blue


    As low as €20.00
  3. Surf hood WESOUL - Noir

    Surf hood

    As low as €25.00
  4. Yulex® wetsuit 3/2 WENNY32 - Black

    Yulex® wetsuit 3/2

    As low as €340.00
  5. 3mm surf gloves WOURTIN - Black

    3mm surf gloves

    As low as €60.00
  6. Yulex® surf hood WUIDEL - Black

    Yulex® hood

    As low as €90.00
  7. Lycra JETEL - Jaune Mezcal Lycra JETEL - Blue Neon Lycra JETEL - Deep Marine Lycra JETEL - Tripical Green


    As low as €20.00
  8. 3mm surf booties WARCANS - Black

    3mm surf booties

    As low as €65.00
  9. Lycra JETEL - Tripical Green Lycra JETEL - Blue Neon Lycra JETEL - Deep Marine Lycra JETEL - Jaune Mezcal


    As low as €20.00
  10. Wetsuit SIERRA - Noir


    As low as €125.00

Items 1-12 of 40

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Oxbow is the first French surf brand. Since 1985, its teams, its ambassadors and its community are animated by this common passion: surfing.

To offer a technical and complete range of products that will allow you to discover the most remote breaks with peace of mind, Oxbow has created high-performance wetsuits, lycras and boardshorts, as well as surfing accessories such as gloves, booties, and ponchos.

The design of these products remains sober. We still add the fun Oxbow touch with vitaminized colors and strong prints. The designers collaborated this summer with our ambassador Laure Meyer to offer a capsule designed for demanding surfers who combine performance and elegance: bra, high waist and long sleeve printed shorts. Tested and approved by our ambassadors such as Lost in the Swell, Mathieu Crepel or Pierre Rollet, the surf collection offers resistant, performing, flexible and light products. Oxbow playgrounds are limitless, just like the passions that drive you. That's why this range is designed for all aquatic activities: Sup, kitesurf, windsurf...

Oxbow is also committed to become an actor of sustainable development. We propose, for example, alternatives to conventional neoprene, as efficient but less harmful for the planet: Yulex and Limestone.

Surfing is an essential part of Oxbow's DNA since its creation, that's why we decided to go further by proposing a range of boards that supports the French surf scene. Oxbow has partnered with three shapers based in the Southwest of France who sign a series of handmade boards: Gato Heroi, Zaka and Naje surfboard. Authentic art and surfing objects, these 8 models have been glazed with Oxbow fabric scraps recovered in our workshops.

Through the surf collection, our ambassadors invite you to share the state of mind of the brand "French, Fun & Family". Oxbow adapts its equipment to the great outdoors and to your desire for adventure.