Thanks to the commitment of all our teams and after several years of research, effort, successes and failures…

Oxbow is now certified B Corp.

« Being a B Corp certified company means that Oxbow has met rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.  This certification fits really well with our strategy & values as it goes beyond traditional business KPIs, such as profitability, and focuses on the company's impact on people, the planet, and society as a whole.

We work hand in hand with the B corp community to contribute to a better future and leave a positive legacy for next generations.

A future where the Earth shines with renewed vitality.

The journey is on! “

 Emmanuel Debruères, CEO

How did Oxbow become a B certified company?

After many years of research, in December 2021, we have decided to launch our B CORP adventure by starting our BIA (Business Impact Assessment), which is a confidential online questionnaire containing over 200 questions on 5 themes:

- Governance

- Workers

- Community

- Environment

- Customers

After 7 months of hard work for all teams, we have submitted our BIA in June 2022.

Once this questionnaire is completed and the various pieces of evidence or mandatory documents provided, a score, in the form of points, is given. This score must be strictly higher than 80 points to proceed to the second stage, the audit, which is conducted by 2 different auditors.

Before entering the first evaluation phase, we had to wait almost 9 months. This certification has to be earned.


We reached this stage in March 2023. Various questions were raised, particularly on the “administrative” side

Once this step was completed, we waited another month before entering the verification phase in June 2022, precisely on the 12th.   

This verification phase was very intensive. Many questions and exchanges took place with our auditor.

Knowing that the points obtained during the first stage are not final, quite far from it. The auditors will explore each answer and each piece of evidence provided. They may also request additional documents. Several interviews in the form of video calls were conducted during the audit.

But we were getting closer to that goal...

Score Global B Impact 

All those years of hard work led to the obtention of the certification July 20th 2023, with an overall Score of 91.8 points.


91.8 : Overall Oxbow Score

80 : Qualifies for B Corp Certification

50.9 : Median Score for Ordinary Businesses

Becoming B Corp certified is a key step in our transformation, but it is not an end in itself.

We still have a long way to go and many projects to carry out.

Together, let’s try to be the best for the world and not the best in the world


 Let’s have fun !


What is a Certified company ?

It is a company that meets high standards of social and environmental performance, legal responsibility and transparency, and is committed to benefiting not only shareholders but all stakeholders: employees, customers, the community and the environment.

“Oxbow strives to contribute to a better future and leave a positive legacy for next generations.”

Emmanuel Debruères, CEO

What is B CORP ?

B CORP is more than a label, it is also an impact assessment tool and a movement in favor of a more inclusive, equitable and regenerative economy represented by a community of engaged actors.

B CORP means Benefit corporation: Benefit for all

“Known as the B Global Network, this unified group of global, regional, and national organizations power the B Corp movement at the local level.” B Corporation