Women's swimwear

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  1. Bikini bottom

    As low as €59.99
  2. Bra

    As low as €49.99
  3. Wetsuit

    As low as €149.99
  4. Bra

    As low as €69.99
  5. Bikini bottom

    As low as €44.99
  6. Bikini bottom

    As low as €34.99
  7. Volleyshorts

    As low as €49.99
  8. Boardshort COLLECTOR

    As low as €119.99
  9. Bikini top

    As low as €54.99
  10. Swimsuit

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  11. Bikini top

    As low as €39.99
  12. Swimsuit

    As low as €94.99
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Essential in this season, Oxbow men and women's swimsuits have been designed for your aquatic activities and for chilling on the beach.

In 1985, the founders got a pair of checkered swim shorts that a friend brought back from a surf trip in Sri Lanka. The discovery of this original piece was the beginning of the Oxbow adventure. Since then, we have continued to evolve the range of versatile swimwear, designed to suit experienced or occasional surfers, kite surfers or those who just want to enjoy the sun.

For committed sessions where freedom of movement is needed, choose boardshorts or one-pieces designed for maximum comfort and support, allowing you to move freely on the waves. Whatever your sport schedule of the day, running, beach volleyball, yoga in the sun, these products will be adapted to your activities.

Oxbow designers have created a wide range of tops and bottoms for women: bandeaux, triangles, high or low-cut panties, to create your own mix & match according to your desires. Oxbow's swimwear line reflects a refreshing summer palette with vibrant colors and bold prints.

Oxbow is also committed to being a sustainable player. We offer alternatives to conventional materials: a recycled fiber, labeled Repreve, made from recycled bottles, or an upcycled fiber that mixes recycled polyester and coconut fiber. Oxbow adapts its equipment to the great outdoors and to your desire for adventure.