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  1. Flip-flops VANAKA - Black Flip-flops VANAKA - Deep Marine Flip-flops VANAKA - Argile Flip-flops VANAKA - Gascony Blue


    As low as €20.00
  2. Flip-flops VENERE - Black


    As low as €45.00
  3. Keychain BOUCLE - Salt Keychain BOUCLE - Black Keychain BOUCLE - Strawberry



Items 49-60 of 209

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Each accessory has its own use in your daily life. Oxbow designers have created a complete summer line for women, matching the entire collection, for all your favorite uses and playgrounds.

Oxbow accompanies you on your travels and in your daily movements. Group all your papers in the wallets, your small stuff in the bags, the pouches, or the shoulder bags. This will avoid unpleasant surprises and will allow you to carry them easily, in a compact way, on each of your explorations. Take the board under your arm and a large beach bag to hold a wetsuit, towel, straw hat or Oxbow cap: all the gear for a summer session and relaxing in the sun.

Apart from their functionality, accessories can also complete a look: strong graphics, patches, prints ... Oxbow suggests you enhance your style with raffia belts, reversible bobs, or a macramé bag. Liberty and tie & dye prints bring a touch of color and modernity to all surfwear styles, casual or sophisticated.

Small accessories for big adventures.