Knit Men Composite Limited

Knit Men Composite Limited

Narayanganj, Bangladesh




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Social audit score : B


Knit Men Composite Limited factory is part of Rib line group.

Rib line group a which was founded in 2010, is a apparel manufacturing company with an annual turnover of USD 35 million with a capacity of 800 000 pieces produced per month of which 300 000 are produced by Knit men composite limited.

Knit men has a workforce of 900 employees between production and management.

Knit Men have many facilities including a medical center, a creche, a canteen, workshops, a mosque, but also have a drinking water supply system and modern facilities.

Being concerned about product quality, the company has been certified by the ISO 9001 standard: guaranteeing a quality management system.

In addition, the factory is audited annually by Amfori BSCI concerning the code of conduct based on 13 pillars (equal pay, prohibition of child labor, environment, etc.)