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85 : The new Oxbow outdoor line

Combining a passion for wide open spaces with the modernity of lightweight materials, Oxbow owns the notion of Progressive outdoor, the new outdoor generation focused on action, style, function and comfort, the cornerstones of the collection.

The technicality of the products is made for practitioners and Oxbow customers inspired by the aesthetics of riding culture and its lifestyle. Functionality, versatility and eco-responsibility are the watchwords of this range.

Oxbow leaves the terrain of the product to refocus on the individual, the practice of sport, the pure pleasure of sport in the great outdoors and the personal development of its practitioners in contact with their natural environment.

The new 85 line accompanies surfers in their secondary activities, but always in connection with nature: hiking, mountain biking, climbing, etc. The French outdoor brand par excellence has chosen production mainly in Europe for this line.

The choice of materials was guided by functionality and is based on recognized labels (Primaloft, Tencel) and natural and eco-responsible materials: merino wool, organic cotton, recycled synthetics. From a style point of view, we find the codes of the outdoors in the choice of colors. The fun Oxbow touch is provided by animations and details.


The brand new range of wetsuits also marks a turning point. The Oxbow team opted for the most eco-responsible solution available: YULEX®️, a natural rubber foam. Natural rubber comes from rubber trees (rubber trees) that grow in Sri Lanka in an eco-managed forest. The lining materials are made of recycled polyamide and polyester. We find on these suits the fun Oxbow touch with a printed lining, and the iconic shoulder pad as a signature! A range developed with the support of brand ambassadors. Tested and approved!