Niglo Chips : infos and premieres of the new film of the Lost in the Swell

Niglo Chips : infos and premieres of the new film of the Lost in the Swell

NIGLO CHIPS: The new film by Lost in the Swell

The guys of Lost in The Swell are back on their frying oil powered fire truck! After driving along the French and Spanish coasts during the Spring of 2022, they have decided to explore part of Northern Europe in the thick of winter, always searching for faraway waves and unlikely encounters!

There was no time to get bored during the forty-day long trip. Break downs and missions to find oil kept them very busy in between surf sessions. Luckily, the waves showed up to their satisfaction, and even exceeded expectations, due to the huge swells and rocky waves they found on their trip. It was colder than they had imagined and, as expected, it rained all the time. The thermometer dropped to minus eight degrees. To brave the cold, they installed a wooden stove in the truck, but not any stove: it was built by an ironmonger with old gas bottles welded together. Far from being a contraption, it turned out to be very efficient, and quite beautiful! Given the temperatures, a mechanics enthusiast installed a double deposit engine. The additional deposit allows the truck to run 100% on frying oil at any temperature. This environmentally friendly mean of transport, which is unfortunately illegal in many countries including France, poses questions about our transport habits, energy hungry and bad for the environment. It also helps us realise that there are better alternatives that could be industrialised.

Back on the road, they go on searching for people who collect used frying oil, which is not always easy to find. Some local surfers share a moment with them. Tom Knox is amongst them, who helps them find good waves while the truck is at the garage.

They are also visited by two of the guests of their previous adventure. Kepa Acero is one of the most iconic Spanish surfers, very used to seeking waves far from the modern world. Vincent Milou is currently one of the best skaters on the planet. Together, they will surf some of the most extreme waves of their lives, with emotions and laughter guaranteed!


HOSSEGOR friday 13th october 2023

Jo&Joe - 7.30pm


BIARRITZ  14th october 2023

Cinéma Le Royal - 8pm


MOLIETS 18th october 2023

Centre de séminaire - 7.30pm


BORDEAUX 19th october 2023

Cinéma Megarama - 8pm


MONTALIVET 20th october 2023

Salle culturelle - 7.30pm


ROYAN 21th october 2023

Cinéma le Lido - 8pm


OLERON 22th october 2023

Cinéma L'Escale - 8.30pm


SAINT GILLES CROIX DE VIE 1st november 2023

Cinémarine - 8.30pm


NANTES 2nd november 2023

Pathé Cinéma - 8.30pm

AURAY 3rd november 2023

Cinéma Ty Hanock - 8.30pm


LORIENT 4th november 2023

Cinéville - 8.30pm


RENNES 6th november 2023

Cinéma Ar Vor - 8.15pm


LANNION 7th november 2023

Cinéma Les Baladins - 8.30pm


PONT LABBE 9th november 2023

Cinéville - 8pm


BREST 10th november 2023

Cinéma le multiplexe - 8pm



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